Terms and Conditions of Service

■Article 1 [Purpose]
The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the company and her customers in the use of safex.kr services.

■Article 2 [Definitions of Terms]

1. Service: Luggage storage/delivery services available through safex.kr
2. Customer: A user who signs up for the services and who agrees to these terms and conditions
3. Company: A company that enters into a transportation/storage contract with a customer and provides services at a fixed rate (Safex)
4. Luggage: Goods entrusted to the company through a defined process
5. Rates: Costs requested by the company (SAFEX) to utilise the service.
6. Storage: All of the storage locations operated by the company for the storage and delivery of luggage, such as direct storage by the company, unmanned lockers, storage hosts etc.
7. Unmanned Locker Service: Services related to unmanned lockers that the company has contracted or installed for the use in storage and delivery of customer luggage.
8. Storage or Delivery Host: A service provider that the company has contracted for the storage and delivery of luggage.
9. Delivery partner: A delivery company in which the company has contracted for the delivery of luggage
10. The date and time of use of the service: The exact day of use of luggage service
11. Date and time of service termination: The exact date and time of retrieving luggage

■Article 3 [Trademark and copyright]

1. All names, logos, services, designs and slogans related to SAFEX are the trademarks or service marks of SAFEX.
2. The customers are not allowed to use the trademarks without the approval of SAFEX.

■Article 4 [Reservation]

1. In order to provide luggage service by SAFEX, the customer must provide the required information.
2. The company shall not be liable for any problems that arise if the information provided by the customer to the company is incorrect when applying for the service.
3. After making a reservation, the customer shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
4. Until the reservation is confirmed and completed; in the event where delivery is difficult due to unavoidable circumstances, the company can unilaterally cancel the reservation.
5. No fee will be charged for any changes or cancellations of reservations from the date of booking until 17:00 (KST) the day before the service use date.
5. If request for change/cancellation is submitted after 17:00 1 day before the service date, the Company has the right to refuse provision of service.

■Article 5 [Modifications to service contents]
1. In the event that the service contents is modified or terminated due to the modification or termination of contract with the storage host/unmanned locker/delivery company contracted to provide the service; temporary suspension of service due to service recovery or closure of the storage locations and nearby roads, the company may notify the change or termination of service.
2. In case (1.) happens, the company will upload a notice through the service website and company notice board. However, the company will issue a notice at least one month before regarding matters that significantly affect their services.
3. If the customer's service becomes unavailable due to the reasons referred to in the previous point (2.), the company may notify the customer of any changes or termination of the service via email. If any paid service is terminated or cancelled, the company will refund the full amount paid by the customer via payment method selected to use the service.

■Article 6 [Regulations on baggage]
Additional charges may be incurred or services may be denied for restricted or prohibited items, and all payment will be non-refundable.
- Prohibited goods for storage and delivery: Items that are fragile or perishable, such as laptops, cameras and tablet PCs, personal electronic devices, or valuable items such as cash, precious metals, securities, checks and documents of all forms, passports, identification cards, keys and antiques etc, if the luggage exceeds 20Kg; or if travel luggage, strollers, golf bags are bigger than standard sizes; or if the luggage is too big to fit into the delivery vehicles; or if the luggage is deemed oddly sized and difficult to transport.

■Article 7 [Regulations on the operation of baggage storage and delivery services]

1. The hours of service operation for each storage facility may vary, please check the service website for details on the opening hours of storage facilities. The company shall not be held liable for any problems arising if the customer chooses to collect/send his/her luggage beyond operation hours.
2. If the customer does not pick up the luggage at the designated service date and time, he/she will incur additional charges according to the company's standard rates for excess hours of use.
3. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if the customer is not able to collect luggage stored in the storage facility and are required to store them for a long duration, he/she will need to apply and report long-term absence to the customer center. In the event of a long-term absence report, the baggage requested for storage may be shipped to a separate storage space.
4. If 3 days have elapsed since the end of the service date specified by the customer, or 3 days have elapsed since the day of service of use for unmanned locker storage, the company may contact the customer through phone or e-mail. If the customer cannot be contacted, the baggage may be moved to a separate space. If 30 days have elapsed since the end of the service date specified by the customer, the customer considers the right to the luggage to be waived, and the company may dispose of the luggage arbitrarily.
5. In the course of baggage delivery services, minor scratches, abrasions, presses, stains, etc. may occur in the handling of luggage.
6. Luggage collection time may be delayed due to unforeseen events such as traffic and weather conditions, delays in trains or various conditions in different areas.
7. In the case of unmanned locker service, if the luggage cannot be retrieved normally due to special reasons, the baggage will be obtained through a stringent customer verification process. The customer is obliged to answer the verification questions.

■Article 8 [Company's Duty]

1. The company faithfully implements measures such as maintenance, inspection, and restoration in order to continuously and reliably provide systems and facilities related to the provision of services.
2. The company aims to protect the customer's personal information that she has learned in relation to the service provision without the consent of the company and without disclosing or distributing it to a third party. Other matters concerning the protection of customer's personal information shall be governed by the guidelines provided by the Information and Communication Network Act.
3. When the company enters into a service contract with a third party to provide services, the company shall specify the customer's specific customer information provided to the third party, obtain individual and explicit consent from the customer, and share the customer's personal information within the agreed scope.
4. The company maintains service data and customer personal information up to three years for service management, proof of evidence, and usage of statistics.

■Article 9 [Customer's Duty]

The customer shall not undertake any of the following acts:
1) The act of registering false information when applying for a service.
2) Changing the information posted on the company's services or using the information obtained using the service for profit or profit without prior consent from the company or providing it to a third party for non-profit purposes.
3) The act of providing services to a third party using the services provided by the company, receiving money, transferring the right to use the service, and receiving money in return.
4) Misuse service by stealing other customers' personal information and passwords
5) The act of using the company's paid service by illegally obtaining the payment information of others without receiving permission from them
6) The act of destroying or damaging the company's software programs and related systems.

■Article 10 [Refund and compensation limitation]

1. The company will provide a full refund if the customer made a wrong payment and the service has yet to be fulfilled.
2. If the service is canceled due to the customer's fault, it is not possible to provide a refund.
3. If a customer submits proof of evidence for flight cancellations, delays, or natural disasters, the company will review according to their regulations and refund the customers accordingly. However, the customer is required to request for a refund within one month from the incident.
4. According to article 4-5, the company will process the refund if the service has yet to be fulfilled, if it exceeds the service application period, the company will not be liable to provide the refund to the customer.
5. In principle, due to service cancellation, full refunds should be processed via the payment method originally made by the customer, but if it is not possible the company will determine the best payment method or provide a partial refund to the customer.
6. The refund will be borne by the party responsible for the cause of service cancellation.

■Article 11 [responsibility and compensation]

1. The maximum compensation amount is 500,000 won if the company loses or loses all of its luggage due to the company's intention or negligence.
2. The maximum compensation for damage to luggage is 50,000 won.
3. Limited Rewards
1) Damage to baggage is excluded from compensation if it exceeds 20kg or contains too much contents compared to the size of the bag.
2) Damage or loss of baggage contents accompanied by baggage damage is excluded from compensation.
3) Minor scratches, scratches, compression, and general wear caused by normal baggage handling are excluded from compensation.
4) If it is proved that the company has taken all necessary measures to prevent damage or was unable to take action due to unavoidable reasons, it will be excluded from compensation.
5) Damage and loss caused by the customer's failure to seal/close luggage are excluded from compensation.
4. In case of damage or loss of contents in luggage, the employee must be reported in advance, and the service may not be available depending on the reported contents.

■Article 12 [Responsibility and Indemnity]

1. In the event of loss or loss of baggage caused by the company’s intention or negligence, SAFEX shall be liable for a maximum compensation amount of 500,000 KRW.
2. The company shall be responsible for a maximum of 50,000 KRW in the event of damage to the baggage.
3. Compensation Limit
1) Any damage that is incurred from 20kg luggage or the luggage containing excessive contents as compared to its size is excluded from compensation
2) Damage and loss of contents accompanied with baggage damage are excluded from compensation.
3) Minor scratches, abrasions, presses, and general wear that occur during baggage handling are excluded from compensation.
4) If it is proven that the company has taken all necessary measures to prevent damage or was unable to take action due to unavoidable reasons, this will be excluded from compensation.
5) Damage and loss caused by the customer's failure to seal/close luggage are excluded from compensation.
6) If there is a risk of damage or loss of contents in the baggage, the customer must inform the staff in advance, and the delivery/storage service may not be available depending on the contents of the luggage.

■Article 12 [Exemption]

1. The company shall no longer be held liable unless the customer requests compensation from the company for lost/damaged/delayed luggage.
2. The company shall not be held liable for claims of damages not reported immediately after the customer has received the baggage.
3. The company shall not be held liable for any damage caused by the delivery of luggage by another person entrusted by the customer via sharing or the exchange of service information to another person, aside from the customer's request.
4. The company shall not be held liable for any loss of luggage if the customer fails to properly close the door of the locker, or if the customer places the luggage and bags into the lockers without paying for locker service.
5. The company shall not be held liable for any damage or delay in luggage that are not the company's responsibility.
1) Actions by public institutions 2) Criminal act by others 3) Government regulation 4) Transportation strikes or other labor disputes 5) War, military action or police action 6) Terrorism 7) Riots and protests 8) Destruction of transportation facilities due to natural disasters 9) Other natural disasters 10) Customer’s mistake.

■Article 13 [Government Court]

The court responsible for the location of the company’s injection office shall be exclusively in charge of any dispute between the company and its customers.
Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by relevant statutes, and matters not specified in the Act shall be governed by customs.
These terms and conditions shall apply as of July 1, 2020.